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James L. Johnson Associates, Inc., is a security consulting firm that specializes in the planning and design of business and government security programs, systems, and facilities. We understand the full
James L. Johnson Associates, Inc., has no affiliations, contracts, agreements, or understandings with any persons or firms who sell, distribute, wholesale or manufacture any hardware or software. Our security consultants provide unbiased, quality, professional services for our clientele without regard for special interests.
spectrum of the needs of our clients including the extensive range of services necessary to develop reasonable solutions for security vulnerabilities. Your requirements must be met professionally, within reasonable costs, and be appropriate for your region of the U.S. whether you are in Minnesota, New York, Florida, or elsewhere. Each of our security consultants will give you the best service with the best solutions to replace fear with awareness.

School Security Bulletin
Campus Security Vulnerability Assessment Services include: identification of potential security hazards, their likelihood of occurrence, and identification of remedies to the vulnerabilities. These efforts include emergency response plan review, general policy and procedure review, inspections of campus facilities and operations, and interviews with staff, students, and visitors where appropriate.

Successful projects have ranged in scope from neighborhood schools and businesses, to Fortune 500 companies and major airports and military installations.

Our considerations for remedies include more than simply technological/electronic measures. James L. Johnson Associates - Security Consultants All security system components must be considered to ensure the development of efficient and realistic solutions including:

  • Existing Systems and Programs: Are they doing what you need accomplished?
  • True Vulnerability: What are your real risks and what is their chance of occurring?
  • Perceptions versus Reality: Do people fear things that do not exist?
  • Costs: Are you getting the best return for your limited budgets?
  • Internal Political Implications: What agendas must be recognized and addressed?
  • Staffing Consequences: What are all the implications of reducing or adding employees? Are the changes worth it?
  • Policies and Procedures: Do they work and are they appropriate for your operations?
  • Physical Environment: How does it affect your overall security? Can it be improved?

Our recommendations are based on over 70 combined years of professional public safety and military experience matched with corporate and government project knowledge. Our team of security experts offers unequaled experience and knowledge in developing reasonable solutions to your problems, wherever you might be.

  • Real-world experienced in security issues
  • Extensive federal, local, and military background experience
  • No affiliations with contractors, vendors, or manufacturers of any systems
  • Reasonable solutions to meet local, regional, and national needs with over 200 projects in 22 states
  • National reputation for sensible, reliable solutions since 1986
  • Unique problem-solving perspectives
  • Offices in Minnesota and Florida

  • Experienced consultants with professional backgrounds ranging from federal to local law enforcement with national and international resource associates available from every echelon
  • Security expertise ranging from basic physical security to counter terrorism techniques and programs
  • Efficient use of limited budgets for reasonable solutions
  • Timely, up-to-date solutions delivered quickly
  • Unbiased solutions developed from a wide range of sources and experiences
  • National network of professional associates to broaden our base of knowledge for developing effective remedies

We believe that the best planning solutions result from active client involvement in an interdisciplinary planning approach. We are experienced at working closely with our clients, with the ability to identify and quickly respond to each unique need of every client. We understand security operations and procedures and the essential processes for developing appropriate programs and systems to meet those needs. Please contact us for a confidential discussion of your requirements for security consulting including:

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Corporate Security
  • Industrial Security
  • School Security
  • Aircraft Security
  • Airport Security
  • Campus Security
  • Travel Security
  • Counter Terrorism Planning For Business and Government
  • Executive Protection Programming and Planning
  • Security Seminars
  • Cyber Security

By understanding your needs, our consultants can help you reach your immediate and long term goals realistically and reasonably.



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